How to discover multiple SQL Server instances on one host

  • KM203577
  • 12-Jun-2007
  • 12-Jun-2007


What is the procedure for discovering multiple instances of SQL Server installed on a single host?


Set "application_port" to be a primary key

Out of the box, the MAM SQL Server CI type is not configured with the application_port attribute as a primary key. Due to this, if there are multiple instances of SQL Server installed on a single Host with the same name, MAM will only create the second SQL server CI found during discovery.

To discover both SQL Server CI , set the application_port as a primary key of the CIT as follows:

1. Delete ALL currently discovered SQL server CIs.
2. Navigate to the CI Type Manager.
3. Expand Software Element -> Database.
4. Right-click on SQL Server, and select Edit CIT.
5. Select the Attributes tab.
6. Click on the blank box to the left of the name application_port to place a key symbol there.
7. Click OK.
8. Rerun the SQL_Net_Dis_Connection pattern to rediscover the previous instances, as well as, discover the new instances.

 Note: Out of the box application (till version 7.5) doesn't provide this feature. It may requires further customization to accomplish full SQL Database topology.