Compliance Manager Report Pack

Software Version 1.0

Release Notes, revised July 2006

This document addresses the following topics:

Features and Upcoming Enhancements
Installation Notes
Enhancements and Fixes
Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds
Documentation Errata
Local Language Support
Legal Notices

Features and Upcoming Enhancements

The Compliance Manager Report Pack will help you manage risk and assess the effectiveness of controls. It imposes a data model on IT resources, sets tolerances for performance, and highlights non-compliance by aggregating threshold breaches from the component level up to the business process level. The result is a convenient, top-down view of compliance. Performance is color-coded and summarized by month. If necessary, you may look more closely at the supporting applications and the components associated with each application. Compliance Manager Report Pack 1.0 includes 9 reports:

  • Business Process Status
  • Application Status
  • Application Instance Status
  • Component Group Incidents
  • Component Group Changes
  • Component Group Availability
  • Component Availability
  • Business Process Status: Month-to-Date
  • Application Status: Month-to-Date

    Installing the Compliance Manager Report Pack deploys a combination of reports, "create" forms, and "change" forms. Reports will be empty until you build a data model, install datapipes, and use the data model assignment form that comes with each datapipe to assign source data to data model components. Use the following create forms to build the data model:

  • Create Business Process
  • Create Application
  • Create Application Instance
  • Create Component Groups
  • Create Components

    Use the following change forms to modify the data model, set thresholds, and administer the report pack:

  • Application/Process Relationships
  • Application Deletion
  • Availability Settings [Allowable Monthly Thresholds per Component Group]
  • Planned Downtime per Component Group
  • Change Settings [Allowable Monthly Thresholds per Component Group]
  • Incident Settings [Allowable Monthly Thresholds per Component Group]
  • Explanatory Notes per Component Group
  • Administration [logging level and deletion method]

    Future releases of the Compliance Manager Report Pack will include import mechanisms and reports for additional metric areas:

  • Security Management
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management

    Installation Notes

    The install procedure is standard. Refer to the user guide for details about the contents of the Compliance Manager CD, hardware and software prerequisites, package extraction, and package installation via Package Manager. The user guide is on the Compliance Manager CD. The file name is:


    After packages are extracted from the CD, you will find the user guide in the Docs directory on your system. The path is:


    The Compliance Manager CD also includes user guides and release notes for datapipes. The user guides cover software requirements and installation via Package Manager. Look for these titles:

  • Compliance Manager Service Desk Datapipe 1.0 User Guide
  • Compliance Manager Service Desk Datapipe 1.0 Release Notes
  • Compliance Manager OpenView Internet Services Datapipe 1.0 User Guide
  • Compliance Manager OpenView Internet Services Datapipe 1.0 Release Notes

    NOTE: Most of the user documentation on the Compliance Manager CD is dated October 2005. Before using any document that came to you on the Compliance Manager CD, check for updates on the web. See below for information about locating updated user documentation on the web.

    Enhancements and Fixes

    Not applicable, this is version 1.0.

    Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds

    QXCR QXCR1000290270 - If you collect data for several months, and then change a threshold value, historical reports may be impacted. Performance that was compliant before you changed the threshold may display as non-compliant after you change the threshold. If this happens, what you are seeing is the re-interpretation of historical data by a recently modified threshold value. Consider a new breach appearing in an historical report an implied breach, not an actual breach. Whether or not implied breaches appear in reports, the actual number of breaches recorded at the end of the month will not change retrospectively, even if a threshold value is changed.

    Documentation Errata

    The March 2006 edition of the Compliance Manager Report Pack User Guide is obsolete. Do not use it. Download the current edition from the web.

    Local Language Support

    Compliance Manager is available in English only.


    To visit the HP OpenView web site, go to:

    This site provides contact information and details about products and services, including online support. To open the support site from the OpenView home page, click Support. The support site provides a fast and efficient way to:

    NOTE: You cannot access portions of this site unless you register as an HP Passport user and log in. In some cases, you will also need an active support contract. To find more information about support access levels, go here:

    To register for an HP Passport ID, go here:


    Updated user guides for report packs and datapipes are posted to the support site on a regular basis. Follow these steps to locate current user documentation:

    1. From the Support home page, click product manuals. The product manuals search page opens.
    2. In the select product list, scroll down and click Performance Insight Reporting Solutions.
    3. In the select version list, click the latest version. (The OS option does not apply, ignore it.)
    4. Select the document you want to read and click Open or Download.

    NOTE: Viewing files in PDF format (*.pdf) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, go here:

    Legal Notices

    ęCopyright 2005-2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

    The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

    The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.