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Software Version 1.0

Release Notes for the CD, revised July 2006

Contents of the Compliance Manager CD

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Contents of the Compliance Manager CD

The Compliance Manager CD contains the following packages:

  • Compliance Manager Report Pack 1.0
  • Compliance Manager OpenView Internet Services Datapipe 1.0
  • Compliance Manager Service Desk Datapipe 1.0
  • Internet Services Report Pack 2.0
  • Internet Services Datapipe 1.0
  • Common Property Tables 3.5
  • ThresholdsModule 5.0

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    Compliance Manager Report Pack, version 1.0

    The Compliance Manager Report Pack monitors high level IT process areas across your business infrastructure. Each top level business is defined as being supported by one or more Applications. Data for Applications is imported using one or more OVPI datapipes. Applications and their components are monitored from the perspective of six IT process metrics: Availability, Security, Incident Management, Change Control, Release Management and Configuration Management.

    Each metric is monitored for one or more key control indicators (KCI) and key risk indicators (KRI). This ongoing measurement of the IT environment exposes significant deficiencies and emerging risks and helps you assess the efffectiveness of IT controls.  Data flows up through reports from the component level.  users drill down through reports starting at the Business Process level.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Compliance Manager OpenView Internet Services Datapipe, version 1.0

    The CM OVIS Datapipe is a combination of tables and processing routines designed to collect availability data from the Internet Services Datapipe. The processing routines collect data, populate tables maintained by the CM OVIS Datapipe, and move data from CM OVIS Datapipe tables to the Compliance Manager Report Pack. These events are internal to OVPI. The CM OVIS Datapipe, The Compiance Manager Report Pack, the Internet Services Report Pack, and the Internet Services Datapipe are installed on the same OVPI server.

    In addition to moving data to the Compliance Manager Report Pack for further processing, the CM OVIS Datapipe provides a data model assignment form and a linkage report. The form and the report deploy automatically when you install the datapipe. Use the form to assign each OVIS test to a component in your Compliance Manager data model. Use the linkage report to specify a component and then launch a report related to that component in the Internet Services Report Pack.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Compliance Manager Service Desk Datapipe, version 1.0

    The Compliance Manager Service Desk Datapipe is a combination of tables and processing routines. The processing routines move data from Service Desk installations to tables maintained by the datapipe, and from tables maintained by the datapipe to additional tables maintained by the Compliance Manager Report Pack. The CM Service Desk Datapipe is an optional datapipe for the Compliance Manager Report Pack. Install the Compliance Manager Report Pack first, create your Compliance Manager data model, then install the CM Service Desk Datapipe.

    In addition to providing scripts that move data to the Compliance Manager Report Pack for further processing, the CM Service Desk Datapipe provides a form and a report. The report and the form deploy automatically when you install the datapipe. You will use the Service Desk Data Model Assignment form to assign Service Desk data structures (with associated change and incident data) to a Compliance Manager component. You will use the linkage report to identify the Service or Configuration Item (CI) in the Service Desk database and then launch a Service Desk user interface pre-filtered for that item.

    The CM Service Desk Datapipe collects data from Service Desk once a day, at 4.00 a.m. The collection captures Changes and Incidents that took place within the previous two full days, including up to the time of the collection. The size of the capture window guarantees that even an outage of connectivity between OVPI and Service that lasts a full day will not result in lost data. If needed, the capture window can be modified by extending the Time Period of the reports used during the extraction.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Internet Services Report Pack, version 2.0

    The Internet Services Report Pack processes data collected from OVIS Management Servers. This report pack offers centralized OVIS reporting, centralized OVIS data warehousing, performance baselining, performance ranking, and performance forecasting. Internet Services analyzes probe and service performance by day and by month. Daily performance includes day-to-day comparisons and day-to-baseline comparisons; monthly analysis includes month-to-month comparisons. Version 2.0 includes two new features: report-to-report linking, and a launch point page.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Internet Services Datapipe, version 1.0

    The Internet Services Datapipe provides tables and routines responsible for collecting raw data from OVIS management servers. The processing routines copy OVIS data into a flat file, read the flat file, and move data from datapipe tables to report pack tables. Data collection takes place every 15 minutes. Data collection is controlled by directives in the file.

    The calculation of averages and the aggregation of data by customer, service, and probe type is controlled by the file. Because there are no hourly reports, all hourly processing is done once a day. If you need hourly reports, or if performance issues make it necessary to process hourly data in an incremental manner, throughout the day, you will need to modify the file.

    Common Properties Tables, version 3.5

    The Common Property Tables package allows multiple reporting solutions to share the same property data. Sharing property data eliminates duplication, allows the database to operate more efficiently, and simplifies the administration of report packs.

    The most recent change to this package was the addition of a new upgrade package in June 2005. The new upgrade package is UPGRADE_Common_Property_Tables_to_35.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Thresholds Module, version 5.0

    The Threshold and Event Generation Module monitors the database for exceptions. When it detects that a threshold has been breached or that a previously breached threshold has returned to normal, the Thresholds Module invokes an action. The default action is to send an SNMP trap to the network management system. Additional actions (email and user scripts) can be configured.

    To view Release Notes, click here.

    Installation Issues

    Installing a datapipe configures OVPI to collect data from a MIB or flat file at a specific interval of time; installing a report pack configures OVPI to calculate hourly, daily, and monthly averages and aggregate data according to specific directives. To install Compliance Manager, use the Package Manager install wizard and follow standard install steps. For details about hardware and software prerequisites, Package Manager, and steps that must be followed after installation, see the package-specific user guide. User documentation is stored in two directories on the Compliance Manager CD:

    Extracting packages from the CD to the Packages directory on your system copies all customer documentation to the /OVPI/Docs directory on your OVPI server.

    NOTE: Most of the user documentation on the Compliance Manager CD is dated October 2005. Before using any document that came to you on the Compliance Manager CD, check for updates here:

    Known Problems

    Launch Point Pages

    If you install multiple report packs, you will deploy multiple Launch Point pages to the OVPI application server (one page per report pack). Uninstalling one report pack should remove just one Launch Point page; however, in this release uninstalling a single report pack will remove every Launch Point page.

    Product Licensing

    Report packs and associated datapipes are licensed and you are required to make an additional purchase to obtain each license. For information about options for product licensing, search the following web site:

    Support and User Documentation

    Please visit the HP OpenView web site at:

    This web site contains information about products and services, including support services and access to the latest user guides. To open the support site, click Support. The support site offers a fast and efficient way to:

    NOTE: There are portions of this site that you won't be able to access unless you register as an HP Passport user and log in. In some cases, an active support contract will be required. For more information about support access levels, go here:

    To register for an HP Passport ID, go here:

    Follow these steps to locate user guides for OVPI report packs and datapipes:

    1. From the Support home page, click product manuals. The product manuals search page opens.
    2. In the select product list, scroll down and click Performance Insight Reporting Solutions.
    3. Select a version number; ignore the OS option, it does not apply.
    4. Select the document you want and click Open or Download.

    NOTE: To view files in PDF format (*.pdf), Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, go here:

    Legal Notices

    ęCopyright 2005-2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

    The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

    The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.