Failure to change Asychronous Poll Request interval tolerance

  • KM1430959
  • 16-Jul-2012
  • 06-Jun-2014


This issue is fixed in LoadRunner 11.51. A workaround is available for LoadRunner 11.50.


In LoadRunner 11.50 a new feature was added to the Web (HTTP/HTML) support for Asynchorous Requests. In the user interface (UI) there is option to change the thresholds of each of requests.

When trying to change the Poll Interval Tolerance from UI, it actually shows and changes wrong treshold in the configuration file.

image text


This issue is fixed in LoadRunner 11.51.

Workaround for LoadRunner 11.50:

  1. Go to <LoadRunner Installation folder>\dat
  2. Open Async_RO.xml
  3. Modify the value under MAXIMAL_POLL_DIFF_MS (default 300)
  4. Save the file

Note: This is relevant for code generation only