Network Node Manager i (NNMi)/Smart Plug In (SPI) - Performance for Traffic : Leaf Collector status frequently switches to "NOTRUNNING".

  • KM1398156
  • 31-May-2012
  • 03-Jun-2016


This document describes steps to correct an occurrence where the Traffic SPI Leaf Collectors repeatedly revert to a "NOTRUNNING" state, despite attempts to manually start them.


  • A Traffic Leaf Collector's status repeatedly changes to "NOTRUNNING". Attempts to manually start the Leaf Collector from the Traffic SPI configuration page (by selecting the Leaf Collector in question and hitting the play button at the top) fail.
    (Sample Screenshot) 
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  • The following messages are seen on the Traffic SPI Leaf System's JBoss Server logs (immediately after a manual attempt to start the Leaf Collector is made, open the file "jbossServer.log", scroll all the way to the bottom for the latest entry):-
    • on Windows, the JBoss server logs would be located at %NnmDataDir%\log\traffic-leaf\
    • on Linux, the JBoss server logs would be located at /var/opt/OV/log/traffic-leaf/

User system is NOT authenticated
                at org.jboss.jms.server.endpoint.ServerConnectionFactoryEndpoint.createConnectionDelegateInternal(
                at org.jboss.jms.server.endpoint.ServerConnectionFactoryEndpoint.createConnectionDelegate(


This is because the system password configured on the Traffic Leaf Container System, has either been changed, or is different from the password that was originally used during the installation of the SPI.


To correct this situation, execute the following steps on the system on which the Traffic SPI Leaf Component is installed:-

1. First, change directory to the Traffic Leaf Bin directory:-

  • Windows: %NNMInstallDir%\nonOV\traffic-leaf\bin\
  • Linux: /opt/OV/nonOV/traffic-leaf/bin/

2. Then, execute the command:-
 "encrypttrafficpasswd.ovpl --systemDecrypt --file <full file path> --domain traffic-leaf".

Here "<full file path>" stands for the absolute path to a text file where the decrypted password will be written to.
An example of the "<full file path>" option could be "C:\password.txt" on Windows, or "/tmp/password.txt" on Linux.

3. After the command executes successfully, open the file to which the password was written to, and copy the password.

4. Now open the Traffic SPI Configuration Form from Network Node Manager's web interface, click on "Leaf Collector Systems", and open the Leaf Container for the Leaf Collector in question. Paste the password in the password field of the form, and then click on the "Save and Close" button to save the changes.

5. Finally click on the "Leaf Collectors" option on the Traffic SPI Configuration Form. If done correctly, the status of the Leaf Collector in question would have automatically changed to "RUNNING", and will remain as such. There should be no further occurences of the error "User system is NOT authenticated" on the Leaf System's jbossServer.log.