Server Automation DHCP server appears to not work

  • KM1371542
  • 27-Apr-2012
  • 24-May-2021


This document describes a possible reason for Server Automation DHCP server malfunction where IPs are not assigned to clients


Customer is trying to boot servers with HP Server Automation (SA) DHCP server, prior to provision them.

Servers not getting an IP from the DHCP server, showing this message:

PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.


Even though the SA DHCP server is bundled with the SA media and it does not use the operating system DHCP server, its actions are logged in the operating system logs and not under the usual /var/log/opsware location for SA components logging.

Depending on the OS version of the core, the DHCP actions could be logged in either of these two log files:



In order to find out if the problem is not with the SA DHCP server, please try this:

  1. Find out which log is currently registering the DHCP actions. Run 'grep DHCP /var/log/*' , the file should be either messages or daemon.log
  2. Monitor the log by running 'tail -f <log file logging DHCP>'
  3. Boot the machine you want to provision
  4. Check for the tail output

If you find in the tail output a DHCPOFFER after the DHCPREQUEST message pertaining to the machine booting, then you can rule out the problem comes from SA DHCP server.

Make sure you do not have a firewall in between the core and the machines you want to provision, it may be preventing either DHCP or TFTP traffic.