When having performance issues, high level steps that can be used for tuning the database

  • KM1312702
  • 09-Jan-2012
  • 01-May-2013




The following are generic steps to be taken when performance has become an issue.


Standard high level steps for Performance Tuning of HP Project and Porfolio Management (PPM)

1. Review and set the initial Database Parameters per the Installation and Administration Guide. Restart Oracle after this process is complete.

2. Once step #1 above is complete, gather Oracle Statistics.

Note: This process should be run on a regular basis by the Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) or by running "sh kBuildStats.sh" in PPM_HOME/bin. More information on this is available in the Installation and Administration Guide.

3. Review the section in the Installation and Administration Guide on "Improving System Performance". Follow the suggested steps in this section for performance improvement.

-- If the above steps do not resolve the performance issue, continue with the next step --

4. Have the Oracle (DBA) run a AWR Report for a 2 hour period when performance is poor. The Oracle DBA will use this report to determine changes to be made to the Oracle database.

Note: This process will continue until the poor performing SQL statements and/or processes are resolved. This step may take some time to complete.