HP OpenView Smart Plug-in for BEA Tuxedo

Release Notes

April 2005

This document provides an overview of the Smart Plug-in for BEA Tuxedo (Tuxedo SPI) B.02.55 for the HP OpenView Operations for Windows (OVO) 7.5. This is the first release of Tuxedo SPI for OVO management server. It contains important information not included in the manuals or in online help.

In This Version
Installation Notes
Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds
Enhancements and Fixes
Legal Notices

In This Version

Tuxedo SPI supports only OVO 7.5. Earlier versions of OVO are not supported. The key features of this release are as follows:

Installation Notes

Installation requirements, as well as instructions for installing the Smart Plug-in for BEA Tuxedo are documented in the Smart Plug-ins CD for OpenView Operations Installation/Upgrade Guide provided in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Before installing Tuxedo SPI, make sure that your system meets the following minimum requirements for the management server and the managed node:

Management server

Managed node

Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds

Show Domains-For Tuxedo version "8.1" it show "8.0" (QXCR1000201665)
The Show Domains tool displays Tuxedo version as 8.0 for Tuxedo version 8.1.

Enhancements and Fixes

The following items (identified by error tracking number) are fixed in the current software release. To display details about each software fix, click the error tracking number. To hide details, click again.

OXCM1000184663: Tuxedo AS were shutdown and no T-MACHINE-STATE or SysMachinePartitioned/sysServerDied related messages arrived
PROBLEM: When Tuxedo application servers are shutdown, messages specific to T-MACHINE-STATE or SysMachinePartitioned/sysServerDied events are not displayed.
CAUSE: No messages are generated when the Tuxedo application servers shutdown.
FIX: In this version, when the Tuxedo application server is shut down, the messages are sent from the beaEvt2ito monitoring process.
QXCM1000184662: Excessive repeated messages on Tuxedo
PROBLEM: Old ULOG messages are forwarded to the message browser when ULOG monitoring is disabled and enabled (QXCR1000198097).
CAUSE: The monitoring application does not track the messages that were sent to the OVO browser.
FIX: This version provides a ULOG pointer that tracks the messages that were forwarded to the OVO browser.


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  2. In the select product list, click Smart Plug-ins for BEA Tuxedo.
  3. In the select version list, click b.02.55.
  4. In the OS list, click Windows.
  5. To start the search, click Open or Download.

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