HP Network Node Manager i Software Release Notes

Software Version: 9.1x (Patch 1) / 30 June 2011

This document provides an overview of the changes made to HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) version 9.10.
It contains important information not included in the manuals or in online help.

For the latest additions to these Release Notes, see sg-pro-ovweb.austin.hp.com/nnm/NNM9.10/releasenotesupdate.htm.

For a list of supported hardware platforms, operating systems, and database, see the support matrix. You can find both the Support Matrix (supportmatrix_en.html) and the Release Notes (releasenotes_en.html) at the root directory of the installation media. For the list of supported network devices, see the NNMi Device Support Matrix at sg-pro-ovweb.austin.hp.com/nnm/NNM9.10/devicematrix.htm.

What's New In This Version
Documentation Updates
    Deployment Reference
    Upgrade Reference
    Documentation Errata
Installation Guide and Support Matrix
    HP Network Node Manager i Advanced Software Features
    HP Network Node Manager iSPI Network Engineering Toolset Software Features
Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds
    Potential Installation Issues
    Internet Explorer Browser Known Problems
    Mozilla Firefox Browser Known Problems
    Non-English Locale Known Problems
    Domain Name System (DNS) Configuration Known Problems
    IPv6 Known Problems
    Device Support Known Limitations
    MIB Loader Migration Known Problems
    Global Network Management (GNM) Known Problems
HP Software Support
Legal Notices

What's New In This Version

Overview of the NNMi 9.1x (Patch 1) Release

NNMi is a major modernization of the NNM 7.xx software. This release contains many new features. Direct single system upgrades of existing NNM 6.xx or 7.xx installations to NNMi are not supported (see the Upgrade Reference). Single system upgrades of NNMi 9.0x to NNMi 9.1x are supported (see the Deployment Reference). NNMi 8.xx installations must be upgraded to NNMi 9.0x before being upgraded to NNMi 9.1x.

For an overview of NNMi 9.1x, see Introducing HP Network Node Manager section in the Installation Guide (see Installation Guide and Support Matrix).

NNMi 9.1x (Patch 1)