What are the upgrade paths to Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)/Quality Center (QC) 11

  • KM1015282
  • 02-Nov-2010
  • 07-May-2013


There are several prior versions of Quality Center including 8.2, 9.x and 10. Which of these versions can be directly upgraded to QC or ALM 11?


What versions of Quality Center can be upgraded to Quality Center (QC) / Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) 11?


Quality Center versions 9.2 and 10 can be upgraded directly to QC/ALM version 11. QC versions 8.2 and 9.0 can be upgraded to QC 10 first, and then to ALM/QC 11.

upgrade path to QC 11

Note:  QC / ALM 11 has a new feature known as the 'Optimized Repository' to improve repository performance. It is essential that the migration planning include steps to prepare for the move to this new repository structure to ensure successful upgrade to version 11 from previous versions of QC. Please click to review the HP Quality Center Optimized Repository Preparation Guide for more details.

Note:  QC 8.2 projects cannot be upgraded to version 10 directly. These projects have to be upgraded to version 9.0 or 9.2 before they are ready to be upgraded to 10. Please see HP Quality Center 10.0 Administrator Guide > Appendix A for more details.