How to check if the Security Passphrase's on all Performance Centre 11 Servers match?

  • KM1013808
  • 29-Oct-2010
  • 14-May-2013


The article explains how to verify if the communication passphrase matches for all PC servers.


Is it possible to check the communication securtity passphrases for Performace Center (PC) servers and the Application Lyfecycle Management (ALM) server?


1)Logon to the Site Administration URL

               Click on : Site Configuration ->COMMUNICATION_SECURITY_PASSPHRASE

               This column has the security passphrase value.

2) To verify security passphrase on the Performance Center Server and the the Load Test Server

a) On Performance Center Server

< Performance Center Server>\dat\pcs.config

b) On Load Test Server

< Load Test Server >\dat\ lts.config

The  key LW_CRYPTO_INIT_STRING in these files has the security passphrase value.

The value on both the Servers must match with the ALM server passphrase value(step 1).

(It is not recommended to modify these files).

If the values do not match, then the Performance Center Server and the the Load Test Server must be reconfigured with ALM Server  security passphrase value.