Logger Java Memory Allocation for Web

  • KM03813648
  • 10-Jun-2021
  • 10-Jun-2021


Web Property Name by Form Factor


The following table shows the property name, and default values that Logger System will read on each form factor when the Web process starts running.

Form factor    Property name in the Logger System                      Default Values
Software    webTomcat.java.setting.memory.software                  -Xmx2048M
Lx600        webTomcat.java.setting.memory.appliance.L7600    -Xmx2048M
Lx700        webTomcat.java.setting.memory.appliance.L7700    -Xmx4096M


To allocate Java Heap Memory for Web:

The logger.defaults.properties file displays the minimum and maximum Java Heap memory values.

1. Open the logger.properties file located in the following paths:

Appliance: /opt/arcsight/userdata/logger/user/logger/logger.properties

Software: <logger-install-path>/userdata/logger/user/logger/logger.properties

2.Modify the maximum Java heap memory size value as needed: -Xmx[number]

You can also allocate memory for this role on System Admin> System> Roles page.


• Modify the maximum Java heap memory to 4 gigabytes in software.

• Modify the maximum Java heap memory to 16 gigabytes in a Lx600 Logger appliance.

• Modify the maximum Java heap memory to 24 gigabytes in a Lx700 Logger appliance