How to Attach Discovery Documentation to a Discovery Package

  • KM03812430
  • 31-May-2021
  • 31-May-2021


This task describes how to attach updated or new documentation to a discovery package in Universal CMDB 2020.11


The procedure as follows: 


  1. Prerequisites

    1. Create the help document in PDF format.
    2. Create a folder called docs, and copy your PDF into that folder.
    3. Zip the docs folder, and copy it to your local file system.
  2. Deploy the document on the UCMDB server

    Navigate to Administration > Package Manager, and click the Deploy packages to server sl deploy.png button to deploy the .zip file containing the PDF you want to deploy. For details, see How to Deploy a Package.

  3. Attach the document to the relevant discovery package

    1. Navigate to Data Flow Management > Adapter Management.

    2. In the Resources pane, expand the adapter file: Packages > <package name> > Adapters and select the adapter to which to attach the document.

    3. Do one of the following:

      • In the Adapter Definition tab, under Details, click the Edit sl edit.png button adjacent to the Content Help box, and select the help document that you deployed.

      • Right-click the adapter and select Edit Adapter Source from the shortcut menu. Look for RelatedDocument in the code, and replace the line with:


        where name_of_pdf is the name of the help document you deployed.