How to generate metadata in CM from SDM side

  • KM03812404
  • 31-May-2021
  • 31-May-2021


Some uses of SDM vs CM Integration requeriment to only create metadata on CM side and not send data perse. Here you have the way to do it, because, documentation is not mentioning it in specific.


When customers need to send data from SDM to CM, they usualy thinks in send metadata and data itself, however, in a few cases we found customers needing only create metadata to after move the data to CM.

However, the documentation do not mention how to do it, only define the fields to do it. And there is a trick or design problem about when you fill the fields.

On next you will find the way to proceed with this request.



 What is the scope of this knowledge?

This applies only if customer is using SDM 7.63 version and up.

 What customer must to do?

o Have installed CM and SDM
o Have settings to get data in CM side as per documentation
o Have SDM environment setting about CM location
o Set settings on CM only to do not take data
o Select only metadata
o In cartridge about CM location, the fields there must to be empty, do not default work on them, they must be empty, blank.
o Save and go to create metadata running the BF.