Percentage of Virtual Memory Used Reaches 100%

  • KM03812401
  • 31-May-2021
  • 31-May-2021


Percentage of Virtual Memory Used Reaches 100%


The number of virtual memory used % reaches 100%, and services that are running may fail and new ones are unable to start.
Virtual memory used % measures the percentage of memory and paging file space used.


Solution 1:
Increase the size of the paging file. This may solve the immediate problem but may decrease performance by increasing paging.
A slow increase in virtual memory used is often caused by a memory leak in a service.
Use the Processes Tool to view the memory used by each service.
Solution 2:
An interim solution is to use the Service monitor to measure the service size and run a SiteScopeScript Alert to restart the service when it becomes too large.
If restarting the service does not fix the leak, it may be necessary to add a Script Alert to restart the server when memory usage is too high.
Solution 3: Install an upgraded version of the service without the leak.