How EMO disable option works in CBk

  • KM03812284
  • 28-May-2021
  • 28-May-2021


We explain here what is the feature, how to disable and the impact.


 What about the option to disable EMO?

Customer can disable EMO at any time, however, some considerations must be take in mind.
If you set this option to turn it off, then, no optimization will take place, so, files having that control data will no be part on next backups.
In the server the data will be erased when retention due date is reached.
In machine side,  there is a directory local to it where files are stored in each backup, then after these files aren’t needed.
This topic doesn't pretend to go in deep with definition of EMO and theory, you have to go to CBk documentation.


 What is the impact about community or machine to turn this feature off?

o To disable it you need to do it at community level
o So, if there is some sub-levels the ones will be affected by this modification
o All machines under this community will be affected by this setting, so, be careful about the impact.

 How to do it:

To set it off then:
1. Login on the Support Center with a full permissions Technician.
2. Select the community that you want the users to not use EmailOptimizer.
3. Click on the tab tools/manage features.
4. Select “disabled” for EmailOptimzer and click on save.