CIT 'BusinessService' having 'Display_name' attribute

  • KM03812246
  • 28-May-2021
  • 07-Jun-2021


CIT 'BusinessService' having 'Display_name' attribute, however its parent CIT 'Service' having 'Display_label' attribute


‘Business Service’ CIT:
- Parent CIT ‘Service’ having one attribute named ‘Display_label’ it’s un-editable, looks like it’s inherited from the parent.
- Child CIT ‘BusinessService’ having one attribute named ‘Display_name’, it’s editable, looks like it’s created only for this CIT.
- Another Child CIT ‘InfrastrutureService’, having one attribute named ‘Display_label’, un-editiable, inherited from the parent.

There was one Enrichment rule on Service CIT level, it worked for CIT ‘InfrastrutureService’, however always failed for CIT ‘BusinessService’ because of its ‘Display_name’ attribute.

Fix export bussinesService as XML and remove the next line from display_label attribut:


<Attribute-Qualifier name="INTERNAL_ATTRIBUTE" is-factory="true" origin="content" version="2020"/>


2.Save XML file and import it again.


After this changes, 'Display Lable' field will be presented in the UI.