Release Control Product Obsolescence

  • KM03812172
  • 27-May-2021
  • 27-May-2021


Micro Focus is announcing the product obsolescence of Release Control.




Program Overview
Micro Focus is announcing the product obsolescence of Release Control.

Please note that all Release Control customers with active support contracts are eligible to use the native release control capability in Service Manager as a replacement solution. Starting from Service Manager 9.50, there is a comprehensive collection of built-in Release Control functionality that provides extended change management support without the need to integrate with Release Control. See Native release control for Service Manager for more information.

Micro Focus recommends the customers to use the latest version of Service Manager 9.70 (both binary and application). However, customers who are on earlier Service Manager versions from 9.50 to 9.61 can choose to keep the applications on the current version and apply a content pack to use the risk assessment and calculation capability in native release control. See for more information. Note that in each case, customers must upgrade the Service Manager binaries to version 9.62 or above.

There is no plan to back port native release control capabilities to previous Service Manager 9.3x and Service Manager 9.4x versions, both which has reached end of committed support by early 2020. Customers using earlier versions of Service Manager with Release Control will need to upgrade to a newer version of Service Manager. See and for more information around what is new in SM 9.70 and release log.






Key Program Dates



May 27, 2021

Support Customer Notification of End of Sale

Jun 1, 2021

End of Sale (no longer orderable or available for purchase)

Jun 1, 2021

End of Support for Release Control 9.2x, 9.5x & 9.6x






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