Octane Memory Leak

  • KM03811874
  • 25-May-2021
  • 25-May-2021


Affects Octane version 15.0.x


Memory usage on the Octane host will reach threshold


Octane 15.0.x suffers from a known memory leak

This is fixed in Octane 15.1.x and higher


1.    Open the "start.ini" for editing:

        Linux: /opt/octane/server/conf/start.ini
        Windows: <deployment_path>\octane\server\conf\start.ini

2) Comment out these two lines (put a # before them) so they appear as...


3)    Open the "jetty-ssl-context.xml" for editing, paths...

        Linux: /opt/octane/server/conf/jetty-ssl-context.xml
        Windows: <deployment_path>\octane\server\conf\jetty-ssl-context.xml

4) Locate the following line…

    <Set name="Provider"><Property name="jetty.sslContext.provider" default="Conscrypt" /></Set>

5) Remove the “default="Conscrypt". The line should then look like this…

    <Set name="Provider"><Property name="jetty.sslContext.provider" /></Set>

6) Save the file
7) Restart the Octane service so the changes can take effect