Sitescope API recollection data

  • KM03811828
  • 25-May-2021
  • 25-May-2021

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Sitescope API recollection data


Gaps in Sitescope data and OBR reports with API integration


1) Stop collection service.
2) Add one entry in Data gap file by giving the start time and end time and status as PENDING. /opt/HP/BSM/PMDB/config/ds/local_sis_data_gap.csv
3) Start the collection service.

Note: Data gap file row will be split in to 30 mins interval if the start time and end time difference is more than 30 mins.
You can add single row for 10 or 15 days of data you want to collect. Data in gap file will be rewritten for 30 mins interval
 and starts collecting data for each entry post collection start.