Changing HDFS NameNode configuration

  • KM03808297
  • 03-May-2021
  • 11-May-2021


This article describes how to change HDFS NameNode configuration


How to change HDFS NameNode configuration if an incorrect HDFS NameNode hostname was entered during deployment


Suppose you made a mistake during deployment and wrote an incorrect HDFS NameNode hostname.
In this case hdfs-datanode pod will be crashing:
hdfs-datanode-8fhfr                                  0/1     CrashLoopBackOff   6          9m42s
Do you need to redeploy?
You can edit the HDFS NameNode hostname without redeployment.
Run the following kubectl command:
kubectl edit cm -n <your arcsight-installer namespace> datanode-config
Edit the HDFS NameNode hostname in 3 lines,
# Please edit the object below. Lines beginning with a '#' will be ignored,
# and an empty file will abort the edit. If an error occurs while saving this file will be
# reopened with the relevant failures.
apiVersion: v1
  CORE_CONF_fs_defaultFS: hdfs://<HDFS_NameNode_FQDN>:30820
  HDFS_CONF_dfs_namenode_datanode_registration_ip___hostname___check: "false"
  HDFS_CONF_dfs_namenode_http___address: <HDFS_​NameNode_FQDN>:30070
  HDFS_CONF_dfs_namenode_rpc___address: <HDFS_​NameNode_FQDN>:30820
  HDFS_CONF_dfs_permissions_superusergroup: hadoop
kind: ConfigMap
  creationTimestamp: "2021-05-03T16:52:23Z"
  name: datanode-config
  namespace: arcsight-installer-x8jja
  resourceVersion: "10057444"
  selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/arcsight-installer-x8jja/configmaps/datanode-config
  uid: c87c8714-601e-452a-a078-55f01df62ea7


Delete the datanode pod(s) after the edit:

kubectl delete pod -n <your arcsight-installer namespace>  hdfs-datanode-*****

The pod(s) will be recreated with the correct HDFS NameNode parameteres.