How to Export a Package

  • KM03808016
  • 30-Apr-2021
  • 30-Apr-2021


This document shows How to Export a Package on Universal CMDB 2020.11


You can export some or all of a package's resources to your local directory. 


Example of Exporting Only Specific Resources in a Package:

You want to export only some of the resources contained in a package called to your local directory.

Click the sl copy pack local dir.png button. In the Export Package dialog box, select the Export Resources option and select the resources you want to export.

See the following illustration:

Exporting User Permissions in a Package

If you want to export users from your UCMDB instance, along with their permissions, to another UCMDB instance, you can create a custom package containing the users and roles and export the package to the required location. The package must contain the selected users, the roles that are assigned to them, and also the role assignments (the association between a user and a role).

You can select each of these entities in the Resource Selection tab of the Edit Package dialog box, under Administration.

When you select Role Assignments in the left pane, all available combinations of users and assigned roles are displayed in the right pane.

If a user has more than one role assigned, you must include each role and each role assignment in the package, to retain the user's permissions.

If the users and the roles already exist on the target UCMDB instance, you can export a package containing only the relevant role assignments.