Hint About use table names with special character as part of the name

  • KM03807999
  • 29-Apr-2021
  • 29-Apr-2021


SDM has problems handling table names having special characters as part of its name.



Some customer would have issues when their tables have names where table names have special characters as part of the name of the table or tables.

On documentation there is nothing about this hint, this is very important because results from SDM features outputs would be umpredictible.

What is the scope of this knowledge?

This applies only if customer is using SDM 7.65 R1 version and down.

What is the issue?

When customer has tables in schemas where the table name itself has special character, one or more, this is not properly handled by SDM features, because some special characters like ‘!@#$%^&*()’ for example could cause bad program-code interpretation, compilation and code building.  Remember that, SDM built xml codes, and table names with special characters, would be seen as variables, or macro callings.



§  How to Fix or Workaround:

There isn’t a fix today, CPE is working on this, maybe to be supported or to avoid table names with that kind of characters.

Workaround:  Only 2 ways we have today is:

1.      Customer must rename all tables with table names with special character on them.

2.      If allowed, before create tables on target, you have to use schema mapping file, to move these tables from original table name to destination table name. Then avoiding tables with name having no as unusual characters.


·        Is there more references or documentation:

Unfortunately, not, there isn’t more help about this issue.  CPE will work on this given the fix on next release, or maybe as a patch for 7.65, today with R2, so, a R3 would come out.