How to re-collect agent data, when RC is in use

  • KM03807978
  • 29-Apr-2021
  • 29-Apr-2021

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


When we have gaps in the System Management reports, we can try to re-collect the missing data.


It is recommended to complete the below steps within a day:

1. Stop Collection, Orchestration, Job Manager, Task Manager and TrendTimer services on the OBR server

2. Stop the Collection service on the Remote collector

3. Edit the below parameters in PMDB/data/config.prp files on OBR and RC servers as follows:



4. Edit the PMDB/config/ds/RC_pa_last_poll.csv on the RC server and then the PMDB/config/ds/local_pa_last_poll.csv on OBR as follows:

- Delete all rows leaving only the below headers:


5. Run below commands to sync the data sources from OBR server:

remotepollerutility -syncds -type ALL -pollername local

remotepollerutility -syncds -type ALL -pollername <name of RC>

6. Start Collection service on the RC.

7. Start Collection, Orchestration, Job Manager, Task Manager and TrendTimer services on OBR server.

8. After around 5-6 hours please do the aggregation, if all files from the problematic period are cleared from collect and stage folder:

- Stop Orchestration, JobManager, TaskManager and TrendTimer services.

- Go to /opt/HP/BSM/PMDB/scripts/aggregate/ directory and execute the below scripts, one by one:

perl SR_SM_FILESYSTEM_SH_SM_FILESYSTEM_Hourly_FileSystem_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_CPU_SH_SM_CPU_Hourly_CPU_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_DISK_SH_SM_DISK_Hourly_Disk_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_NETINTERFACE_SH_SM_NETINTERFACE_Hourly_NetworkInterface_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_NODE_AVAIL_SH_SM_NODE_AVAIL_HourlyNodeAvailability.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_NODE_RES_SH_SM_NODE_RES_Hourly_Resource_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SR_SM_NODE_RES_SD_SM_NODE_RES_Daily_Resource_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SH_SM_CPU_SD_SM_CPU_Daily_CPU_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SH_SM_DISK_SD_SM_DISK_Daily_Disk_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SH_SM_FILESYSTEM_SD_SM_FILESYSTEM_Daily_FileSystem_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SH_SM_NETINTERFACE_SD_SM_NETINTERFACE_Daily_NetworkInterface_Details.ovpl -lagtime 30

perl SH_SM_NODE_AVAIL_SD_SM_NODE_AVAIL_DailyNodeAvailability.ovpl -lagtime 30

- Start Orchestration, JobManager, TaskManager and TrendTimer services.