Recreate Certificate

  • KM03807637
  • 28-Apr-2021
  • 11-May-2021


When there is an issue with certificates due to different reasons and we are not able to access web interface.



- Expired certificate
- Manually changes
- Hostname changes


We can easily tackle down the issue by re-creating a new certificate that matches the current configuration:

Follow these steps:

1) Make a copy of the files server.pem and server.crt:
cd /opt/arcsight/userdata/platform/ssl.crt/ cp server.pem /tmp/ cp server.crt /tmp/

2) Make sure that the files are copied by going into
/tmp directory cd /tmp/

3) Now remove the cert files: web
rm server.pem Say yes to delete the file. rm server.crt
Say yes to delete the file.

4) Now restart all the Services:
/opt/local/monit/bin/monit restart all

By restarting the Services, it will create new server files with matching modules.