Does AutoPass License Server (APLS) have Application Program Interface (API)?

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  • 27-Apr-2021
  • 27-Apr-2021


APLS API, autopass api Does AutoPass License Server (APLS) have Application Program Interface (API)?


Does AutoPass License Server (APLS) have Application Program Interface (API)?



Starting APLS version 9.3 and later, an API feature was added, via REST service methods (Web service).

Note: There are no current or future plans to offer this feature for older versions.

Available Options

So far, based on data on above attached document, the scope of options offered on API feaure is:

  • Reservation Pool Users:
    • Create Reservation Pool Members
    • Retrieve Pool Member List
    • Delete Reservation Pool Members
  • License Usage:
    • Retrieve Feature Usage
    • Retrieve Reservation Pool Usage
    • Retrieve Application Usage

Identified tasks/operations (based on mentioned documentation) not part of APLS API:

  • License Management: (all)
  • Reservation Management
    • Pools: Create, list, update or remove
  • Remote Commuter: (all)
  • User Management:
    • Users: Create, list, update, or remove
    • Groups: Create, list, update (include/exclude users) or remove
  • Configuration: (all)


To retrieve license report usage or to add or delete or get users information from a reservation pool, refer to AutoPass License Server API Documentation available with installation setup.

Note: The Reservation and Pool functions are not supported in Consumable License.


Automating unsupported aspects

If the available options do not cover desired current needs, then:

  1. Automate APLS Web UI steps/options

    Utilizing the Web Add-in of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) may offer the closes available option for automating any other tasks, currently only possible via UI of APLS Web client.

    Note: UFT product comes with a trial version license if such was never used.

  2. Request an Enhancement Request (ER), individually, for each desired "missing" feature

Consider the possibility of submitting an support ticket of the  "Product Enhancement Request", so that Research and Developement (R&D) group reviews your request.

Considerations (IMPORTANT)

  • When a support ticket of ER type is created, it would be reviewed by support members before forward it to R&D teams
  • Both Support and R&D teams may:
    1. Start a preliminary investigation, internally or even with help of end-users, to properly analyze requested support
    2. Offer workarounds to present request
  • Submitting an ER does not guarantee implementing changes inmediately or on specific version. It only indicates R&D teams would review it and determine what to do with it
  • An ER does not have an ETA or Estimated Time of Allocation, related to "when is it going to be ready/implemented".

Required information for ER:

  • What is the APLS Version?
  • What is the current limitation (missing feature) of using APLS as it is now?
    1. Indicate how product is behaving at current time as it is when relating it with application under testing and its contents
    2. Indicate what is unacceptable about current behavior/options (business impact).