SDM how to unlock tables running BFs on SqlServer with Hint

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  • 27-Apr-2021
  • 27-Apr-2021


Documentation is not saying exactly how to use a hint in SQL Server configure file and requisits.


 SDM how to unlock tables running BFs on SqlServer with Hint


 Why this topic needs to be documented and exposed?

On documentation this matter is not clear and no easy way to understand it.

 What is the scope of this knowledge?
This applies only if customer is using SDM 7.6x version and up.

 What customer wants to do?
o Using BF in D2F he wants to work in tables with transactions but not locking the table to avoid db table blocks.


 Pre-Requisites:
o You must to create a Environment Intrusive, with D2F feature just no specifying Database to Database capacity in WC/Environment creation.
o This is instead of create a D2F as usual environment creation.

 How to Fix:
o You have to modify file located in <obt_home>/config.
o Use session hint add the command like you see below:
<your environment>.*.*.*.*.SUFFIX_HINT=WITH (NOLOCK
o Run the BF under environment you specified on before clause.
o You will see log file saying, example from SDM demo schema Demarc tables:
DEBUG : Extract data from database to backend directly thread 0 : com.hp.lw2.sql : () Statement for ORDER_LINE:

o With the facts you are now sure it works.