How to trigger the discovery job from jmx-console ?

  • KM03806562
  • 22-Apr-2021
  • 30-Apr-2021


UD Discovery job can be triggered from the jmx-console for specific job.


How to trigger the discovery job from the jmx-console ?


Steps for triggering the job from jmx-console.
If we find that, specific job is activated in the UI but it is not showing any progress data, then we can try the below procedure to trigger the job directly.
1. Activate specific  job. In the progress panel, there should be no progress data.
2. Go to JMX console, find method "syncronizeTqls".
      Input "1" for customerID and  the exact name of the job . Invoke the method and should see "The following jobs were synchronized specific job",
3. In Admin UI please check if there is progress data now.