SSA produced huge denylist.txt

  • KM03804008
  • 15-Apr-2021
  • 20-Apr-2021


improve SSA produced denylist


uCMDB 2020.11
SSA installed on the same server 
After a while, the customer got a huge denylist.txt (filesize ~ 630MB, 9.8 million lines). It seems that the denylist.txt grows after the customer press the "delete and denylist" button. After that, the file grows at least twice as all entries are duplicated several times. The customer put only one application on the denylist.txt, 1200 entries in the file suddenly became 6000 entries. The file grows exponentially and then also leads to very slow processing of the scan files and even to a restart of the SSA server.
In SSA logs we can see
INFO jvm 4 2021/02/28 15:07:07Feb 28, 2021 3:07:07 PM com.hp.ssa.core.tool.denylist.DenyListManager load
INFO jvm 4 2021/02/28 15:07:07INFO: Denylist location: D:\CMS-SSA\ssa-server\lib\..\ssa\data\report\denylist.txt
STATUSwrapper2021/02/28 15:08:45Pinging the JVM took 10 seconds to respond.
STATUSwrapper2021/02/28 15:10:38JVM appears hung: Timed out waiting for signal from JVM. Restarting JVM.
STATUSwrapper2021/02/28 15:10:39JVM exited after being requested to terminate.
STATUSwrapper2021/02/28 15:10:44Launching a JVM...
INFO jvm 5 2021/02/28 15:10:45WrapperManager: Initializing...


This item is now depending on CR: SSA produced huge denylist.txt in OCT19 - ITOM: Configuration Management System (CMS) - 19U
Target Release: CMS 2021.05
A workaround exists for the previous version. Please contact Micro Focus