ucmdb to attrium mapping not working for import of CIs from atrium

  • KM03799524
  • 12-Apr-2021
  • 28-Apr-2021


enumerated attribute type mapping in the mapping file is not working


How do we map the atrium attribute  to ucmdb attribute mapping , for enumerated type of attribute ?


We cannot map any attributes of type string , integer or constant of atrium CMDB to enum type of attribute in Microfocus ucmdb. 


If we are going to populate the enumerated attribute values into ucmdb, then attribute should be enumerated in atrium also. This is expected behavior if we are going to map the attribute directly. 

For Example :

<target_attribute name="chassis_type" datatype="enum">
                       <map type="direct" source_attribute="PrimaryCapability" />


In above example, PrimaryCapability is property from atrium and it is also to be enum type in atrium.

At this point of time it is must to have this if we are using the direct mapping.