How to Change the Data Flow Probe Default Domain

  • KM03793266
  • 01-Apr-2021
  • 01-Apr-2021


This task describes how to change a Data Flow Probe's default domain in Universal CMDB 2020.11


Note The clearProbeData script resets the Data Flow Probe's DB schemas and file system state.

After running this script the Data Flow Probe re-sends all discovered data to UCMDB.

This could potentially create a significant load on the UCMDB Server.


  1. Stop the Probe. For details, see How to Stop a Data Flow Probe.

  2. Remove the Probe from UCMDB:

    • If the Probe appears in the Data Flow Probe Setup > Domains and Probes tree, select the Probe and click Remove Domain, Probe or Cluster sl delete.png.
    • If the Probe does not appear in the Data Flow Probe Setup > Domains and Probes tree (in the case of a Probe on Linux/Probe configured for Integration only), you must delete it from the UCMDB JMX console:

      1. Log in to the UCMDB JMX Console. For details, see How to Access the JMX Console.
      2. If you do not know the exact name of the Probe that you want to remove, you can generate a list of the Probes on UCMDB by invoking the getAllRegisteredProbes operation.
      3. Locate the removeProbeOrCluster operation, enter your customer ID (default: 1) and the name of the Probe you are removing, and invoke the operation.

        The Probe is removed from UCMDB.

  3. Update the Probe default domain property.

    1. On the Probe machine, open the file, located in:

      • Windows: C:\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\conf
      • Linux: /opt/UCMDB/DataFlowProbe/conf
    2. Update the following property with the new domain name:

      For more details about this property, see Parameters.

      • appilog.collectors.domain

  4. Clear the data from the Probe. For details, see How to Clear Data Flow Probe Data.

  5. Restart the Probe. For details, see How to Start a Data Flow Probe