Error encountered when uploading a form after the runtime agent is installed and enabled

  • KM03793192
  • 31-Mar-2021
  • 31-Mar-2021


Tool: WebInspect Runtime Agent Issue: Application encounters issues (sharepoint configuration seems to be affected - error encountered when uploading a form) when the runtime agent is installed and enabled.


Tool: WebInspect Runtime Agent Issue: Application encounters issues (sharepoint configuration seems to be affected - error encountered when uploading a form) when the runtime agent is installed and enabled. 

App server specs: 

1. WebInspect version: 20.2
2. Runtime Agent version: 20.2
3. WebInspect’s Operating system and version (Windows 2012/windows 2016 etc): Windows 10
4. WebInspect server’s .NET framework version: 4.8.03752



Check the system.log file from:



The Runtime Agent has not been registered.


1. Confirm if the Agent service can run successfully

IISControl.exe register restart


2. Register the target website to the application pool:

<install_dir>\WebInspect_RuntimeAgt_Dotnet_20.2\tools\IISControl.exe -a MyAppPool register restart