Null Pointer Exception working, Where to Start Troubleshooting

  • KM03792556
  • 25-Mar-2021
  • 25-Mar-2021


Some times some SDM process like BF or Scanning fails and reviewing the log we see Nullpointer Exception class failing.


 Why this topic needs to be documented and exposed?

On documentation is not talk about this issue, so, important to put in picture.

This error is very common with many causes.

Today, Customer and MF Support as well, wonder what to ask, or where to start the troubleshooting, here we stated a good one for you.

 What is the scope of this knowledge?

This applies for SDM versions.  We pretend to give clues here, and solution here for that clues, but, issue would need go beyond of this scope.

The objective is giving questions to ask your self or to send to MF Support team or for MF Support team what to ask to customer.


 What are the main questions to start a good troubleshooting of this issue?

o 1) Big Data  so performance es key
o 2) It recalls… there is something about performance in SDM Runtime or Release Notes or Troubleshooting Guide
o 3) Look for it in KMs (KBs)
o 4) Check log in discovery log path but request it in ALL modifying
o 5) Ask if happening on Production or Non-Production environment
o 6) Ask for Server Memory / Free memory before run SDM  / Disc free space
o 7) OLTP Product and version?  and Repository and version?
o 8) Discovery version? If applies.
o 9) Screenshot previos the error and the screenshot where the error raises...
o Request exact info and answers one by one.   No Way...!!

 What’s next:

Look for KMs, SDM documentation and take actions based on what you see on log files in SDM.