SDM DAC Search option is not working in 7.62 and up

  • KM03792555
  • 25-Mar-2021
  • 25-Mar-2021


This issue is very common so many customers is having it today on 7.62 - 7.63 - 7.64


 What is the scope of this knowledge?

This applies only if customer is using 7.62 version.

 What customer wants to do?

o Using DAC
o When information displayed is more than two or three pages on WC
o Customer wants to do a search data what is coming ahead
o Search option is not working on this 7.62 SDM version.
o Doing nothing, customer does not know if search in taking time to show data or if not work at all, just after several minutes..


BUG, SDM in DAC running at WC is not showing data when BF running under DAC has several pages to show, however, customer needs to search instead of go over the pages, doing that search to move faster and find the record needed,

But search do nothing.


 How to Fix this regression or workaround:

o Customer must migrate to 7.66 SDM version.

o Rason is, not hotfixes were done to avoid this behavior.