Keyboard Input Not Working in UFT Developer on disconencted Windows VM

  • KM03787978
  • 26-Feb-2021
  • 26-Feb-2021


Windows doesn’t accept any keyboard input if user is disconnected to the VM


When customer is working in a VM machine, and he is running a test that includes Keyboard.Keys.PageDown action for example (or any other keyboard input),

the action is not being performed if customer is disconnected to the VM. When customer is connnected the action is working properly.



Problem is caused by a known issue in Windows 10 where the ctfmon.exe process is not auto-running.

This problem occurs if an application “ctfmon.exe” (CTF Loader) is not running in Windows 10.

Ctfmon.exe application comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and is responsible for features like speech recognition, handwriting, language schemes, etc. This application can be found tipically in C:\Windows\System32 folder.

For this reason, the process has to be enabled again. To do this the customer has to create a string with the path to the process in the location:

- The key can have any name for example ctfmon  

- The value of the string key is the path to the process: C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe

- In the UFT Developer runtime Engine the customer has to check the "Allow UFT Developer to run on a disconnected RDP computer" and set an user with the corresponding password for that machine:

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