How to troubleshoot installation issues

  • KM03787893
  • 26-Feb-2021
  • 26-Feb-2021

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


When you see any issue during installation of the product, you can check the following details


1. Please verify the environment:

- What is the server they are going to use for OBR installation - Windows or Linux, version?

- Do they use Single system or Distributed deployment(OBR APP on one server and Vertica on other server)

- Please confirm the same and compare in our Installation guide.

2. Did they verify MD5 checksum for:

- all downloaded parts

- for the merged .Tar file

3. Did they have any issues while extracting the TAR? They have to use 7zip application to extract the files.

4. Verify that all prerequisites from Interactive Installation guide are met.

5. Investigate the installation logs for any issues.

6. If they failed to install, it is mandatory to know if they have done a "RollBack" or simply quit?

How many installation attempts are done?

7. Verify, if there is any other MF product installed on the server. OBR can coexist only with Operations Agent.