How to troubleshoot BPM and RUM reports

  • KM03787892
  • 26-Feb-2021
  • 26-Feb-2021

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


When you have an issue related to the BPM/RUM data, you can check the following details


1. Verify the version and patch level of OBR.

2. Check if the topology connection and collection are running.

3. Do we have successful connection and collection to Management database and Profile Database in Admin console in OBR?

4. Verify the version of BPM and RUM content packs. They should be the latest.

5. Confirm that all BPM and RUM ETLs and Domain streams are working and their respective steps.

6. Verify the respective reports in BI Launch.

7. Logs to check:

- dbcollector.log – shows if we can connect and extract data (rows) from BSM Profile database for BPM and RUM

- BSMRApp.log - can show some other errors related.

8. Verify the version of BSM and what scenario they have like:

- BSM as a topology source?

- OMi as a topology source, synched with BSM?

9. You can verify as well:

- If we have any BPM and RUM related CSV files in PMDB\collect, PMDB\stage and respective "failed_to*" folders.

- If we have any BPM and RUM CSVs in PMDB\stage\archive.