How to troubleshoot System Management reports

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  • 26-Feb-2021
  • 26-Feb-2021

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


When you do not see data in System Management reports, you can check the following details.



1.       Please ensure Topology is up and running:

-          Check topology connection and collection status

-          Check the topology configuration

-          Do they use https (port 443)?

-          Do they use OBR remote collector?

-          Check topology collector.log that collected SM_PA view from RTSM

-          Check PMDB\reconcile_registry\registryDump – you need to have Unix.csv or NT.csv

2.       Verify which version and ETL they have for System Performance Content Pack:

3.       Verify the version of OBR and patch level.

4.       Did they deploy views on RTSM:

-          Access Omi>Administration>RTSM>Modeling Studio

-          Navigate to “Resources” and check HP-SHR>SM>SM_PA

-          Does SM_PA contains any nodes with Operation Agent.

5.       Please verify that SM Domain and ETL streams are all in success and also all their steps:

-          Access Administration console>Data process Status

-          Navigate to SysPerfDomain and SysPerf_ETL_PerformanceAgent

6.       Please verify that they have connection/collection for servers in Admin Console> Operations Agents page.

7.       We can also verify that the Operation Agent has data:

-          ovcodautil –ping –n <node name>

-          ovcodautil –dumpds CODA –n <node name>

-          ovcodautil –dumpds SCOPE –n <node name>

-          Version of Operation Agent

-          Does CODA running (command on node itself):

ovc –status

8.       If we need to check data on Database level, we need to verify first:

-          Problematic report

-          Edit the report and see respective database tables in use

-          Query the tables in database

9.       Typical logs to check:

-          Topologycollector.log – check for any errors for topology collection and is the SM_PA view collected

-          Collection.log – check for connection problems to nodes with Operation agents

-          Hpacollector.log – check in details. Do we collect any data from SCOPE and CODA data sources from server with Operation Agent

-          Remotepoller.log – test connection results to nodes.

10.   Every time collect Capture tool in order to have all the logs.