Audit in SDM

  • KM03787873
  • 25-Feb-2021
  • 25-Feb-2021


Many customers log SR aasking for audit process in SDM, so, the idea here is to clarify this request, if the feature is present or not.


 Why this topic needs to be documented and exposed?

Because  prior SDM 7.65 this feature does not exist.

 What we have on 7.65?

SDM does not have a full featured audit of operations, and transactions carried on.
So, for this version, it shows in the log file what is the sentence in process and what is the user generating that execution.
Also you would see when the process start and WC start with user logged in and logged out.

In this way, user can know what, where and whom, about operations in SDM, talking about operation on WC or during BF executions


§  Why is this important to know?

Today, most of the companies needs to keep the track of the systems working on its data and how that data is being transformed or managed.

So, customer asks for audit processes in SDM side, but, until today (7.64), that is not possible, in fact, information is a mess in the log files, but, user can extract it and format it in a way that it can be understandable and shown in a report, with some work in the middle.

No documentation exist about it, talking audit, however the user information was added allowing to user to know what/who/where/when, registering user name into the log files and user log in and out, more operations registered into the log files give enough information, even, the hard way to take it out.