Error adding Transformation Hub to ArcMC

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  • 24-Feb-2021
  • 24-Feb-2021


Summary of various possible errors encountered when adding TH to be managed by ArcMC.


Note the following errors can be reproduced with ArcMC when adding TH.

They typically show up AFTER the dialog showing the cert is trusted which is misleading.

Also note the certificate of the ArcMC changes anytime you click "generate certificate" from the Administration -> System Admin -> SSL Server Certificate page.

Generating a new certificate is a required step.   

Even if you have not changed any fields in the certificate settings on the ArcMC, you have to click generate certificate which will change the creation and expiration timestamps and the entire certificate signature.

Some customers do not want to generate a new certificate if they are managing that ArcMC from another, but it still is a required step to add TH or else the process can fail.

Also note the process of adding TH to ArcMC involves copying certificates to each one manually.  At this time, the importing of the certificates is not automated.



1)  403 : Forbidden

Example:  Error Failed to add Cluster

Error: Unexpected response body from web service. 403 : Forbidden


When not using proper credentials on the ArcMC side or mistyping the password while attempting to add TH as a managed host.

2)  Certificate copy failed

Example:  Error Certificate copy failed.

Error: 500 Internal Server Error The call failed on the server; see server log for details


If the certificate was not copied exactly from one host to the other possibly missing a single character or formatting was changed by accident, etc.
Some people will generate a certificate on the ArcMC and copy it to TH then at some future point in time click generate again which changes the certificate.

3)  NullPointerException when adding by Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Example:  Error Failed to add host

Error: Error while adding Transformation Hub: java.lang.NullPointerException


Certificate FQDN of ArcMC is incorrect.  Generate the proper certificate on the ArcMC using a fully qualified domain name.


TH configuration does not have proper ArcMC cert


The management port information is NOT filled in on the TH side and saved.
Even if using standard port 443 it is best to enter the FQDN of the ArcMC under the TH configuration URL
    From the TH reconfiguration page such as this example:
    Within the section "Management Center Configuration"
    Under the field "Management Center host names and ports managing this cluster"

4)  NullPointerException when adding by IP address

Example:  Error Failed to add host

Error: Error while adding Transformation Hub:java.lang.NullPointerException


Adding by VIP or IP and not using FQDN.   Try adding by FQDN.

5)  Error REST Authentication Error

Example:  Error REST Authentication Error

Make sure using FQDN and not IP, typically seen on TH 3.0 or 3.1, but not seen after these versions as of writing of this article.

6)  Error in sending http request

Example:   Error Failed to add host

Error: Error while adding Transformation Hub: Error in sending http request

Arcmc certificate for localhost or services has issues.
Make sure arcmc dashboard shows it green before proceeding.
Resolve the certificate issue on the ArcMC side then generate and add the new certificate to the TH reconfigure side.


When ArcMC had managed a TH prior and now is being re-added or a different one to be managed, it is best to restart the entire ArcMC after deleting pre-existing TH.
If encountering errors when adding TH, it is best to clear browser cache and restart browser before trying again.



The main cause for any of these errors is either not following the directions exactly and verifying certificates are copied properly or attempting to add TH when there is a different pre-existing error on either TH or ArcMC.


The workarounds can vary.  See the specific error encountered for each fix.