Smart Search not always returning result 1st time

  • KM03787391
  • 23-Feb-2021
  • 23-Feb-2021


After applying the patch 2020.08.004, when searching for Items in Service Porta, the results are only returned if the search is executed more than once. Some times the results are returned in the second search for some users, sometimes the search needs to be done more than twice.



There is following issue in Service Portal (SMA-SM), when users search for something in the catalog library, example:

- Typing "Microsoft" in the global search and directly press enter -> no search results
- Typing "Microsoft" in the global search, wait 5 seconds and press enter -> search results are visibile
- The recommendations of the search results work sometimes, but often they are not shown to the end user


Normally the search returns results after the first try, but sometimes user needs to search twice


Workaround is to increase timeout value:

1. Go to k8s environment

2. Run:
   kubectl edit deployment smarta-search -n itsma-xxxx

3. Append below env variable to smarta-search container:

- name: JAVA_OPTS
value: -Dhystrix.command.default.execution.isolation.thread.timeoutInMilliseconds=30000

for example:

      value: smarta-search-svc
      - name: JAVA_OPTS
      value: -Dhystrix.command.default.execution.isolation.thread.timeoutInMilliseconds=30000

      - name: IDOL_SECRET_KEY
      value: idol_secret_key

Once smarta-search re-starts, (you can use kubectl get pods --all-namespaces=true | grep search to monitor) it should work OK.