How to Create and Enable a Custom Splash Screen

  • KM03774246
  • 01-Feb-2021
  • 01-Feb-2021


This document shows how to Create and Enable a Custom Splash Screen on Universal CMDB 2020.08


In some cases, you may require users to acknowledge something (for example, legal or security restrictions) before they can log in to UCMDB. To do this, you can display a splash screen that requires user confirmation before the login screen is displayed. When enabled, the splash screen is displayed before users log in to the following UCMDB components:

  • CMS UI
  • Admin UI
  • JMX Console

The splash screen is disabled by default.


Create a Custom Splash Screen

The splash screen is composed of an image of your choice, together with an OK button for the user to acknowledge the content of the splash screen. Note that the text on the button is not customizable; therefore, you should ensure that any text incorporated into the image is appropriately answered by "OK".

To create the image displayed on the splash screen, use a file that meets the following requirements:

  • Format is .svg
  • Size is under 2 MB
  • Does not include any scripts
  • File is stored on the UCMDB server (in a suite environment, the .svg file must be stored in the following suite mounted folder:


Enable a Custom Splash Screen

To enable a custom splash screen, follow these steps:

  1. Go to JMX Console > UCMDB-UI:name=Custom Splash Screen > uploadSplashScreenFromFile.
  2. In the Value field, enter the path to the .svg file that you want to use as the splash screen image. For example, enter "/ucmdb/custom-splash/test.svg".
  3. Click Invoke.
  4. Go to JMX Console > UCMDB-UI:name=Custom Splash Screen > enableCustomSplashScreen.
  5. In the Value field, select the true option.
  6. Click Invoke. The splash screen is enabled immediately; you do not need to restart the UCMDB server.

To confirm whether a custom splash screen is enabled or disabled, invoke the isCustomSplashScreenEnabled JMX method.

You can also enable a custom splash screen by using the cmdb.custom_splash_screen.enabled infrastructure setting. To do this, click Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > Enable Custom Splash Screen, and then set the value of the Current Value field to "True".

Splash Screen Behavior

  • When the splash screen is displayed, users must click OK in order to log in. There is no other method to clear the splash screen.
  • Once a user has clicked OK in the splash screen, the splash screen is not displayed again in the Admin UI or JMX Console until the browser is restarted. However, the splash screen is displayed again in CMS UI after the user logs out, the browser is closed, or the session expires.
  • Multi-customer environments do not support custom splash screens, as the (customer-specific) splash screen is displayed before the user is able to select a customer.