System out of Memory error, when trying to copy Test or Defects.

  • KM03773821
  • 29-Jan-2021
  • 29-Jan-2021

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


When trying to copy i big number of Defects or Tests (For example 2000 or more). Sometimes this could result in an error.


The error message is:

image text


This issue is caused, if there are many entities with big memo fields ,such as description and comments.

In order to be able to copy the entities you will need to remove the description and comments fields from the Available column sections.


To do this you can follow the below steps:

1. For example, in the defect’s module click on the “Select Columns” button:

image text

2. Make Description and Comments are not visible by moving them under Available Columns.

image text

3. Finally try to copy big number of defects.

Note that currently this is a known issue and there is an official article that can be followed for official fix: