SDM Discovery Column Status with different color

  • KM03773690
  • 28-Jan-2021
  • 28-Jan-2021


Categorization with wrong color when scan tables, so, maybe bad data understanding.


 Why this topic needs to be documented and exposed?

It is important because under SDM version 7.65 Discovery 1.6.7 this behavior didn’t documented.

 What are the versions being affected?
All versions under 7.65

 How to show color category in discovery where you find the issue?

Using discovery 1.6.6 when you scan tables, the suggested PII information is shown, however the graphical circle does not match with column categorization. This caused confusion due to user can’t determinate how to go based on different information about graphical versus column with details.
image text


 How to fix this allowing good data analysis?
Customer will need to upgrade to Discovery 1.6.7 in content of SDM 7.6.5, doing that upgrade, customer will see the following:
image text