Script failed. Cannot get information from remote host

  • KM03773323
  • 27-Jan-2021
  • 04-May-2021


Error while expanding client to create backup specification Reviewed, edited


When expanding client to create backup specification, GUI displays following error:

12:1350 Script failed. Cannot get information from remote host.


 The problem is due to the security fix done as part of 1003. BDF command is not allowed to be executed

[ 10] [RequestAllowed] Command: 0, BDFEX. Allowed only locally
[ 30] [DbgLogFull] logfile:inet.log, line:561, source:/inet/allow_deny.c $Rev: 56632 $ $Date:: 2017-02-13 16:48:43
[ 30] Request denied. Peer is not our cell server. Request:0 BDFEX, Peer: (
the IP is the firewall of the infrastructure which should not be checked as peer


set OB2NOCLIENTREQCHECK=1 to omnirc of client