Database user privs

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  • 25-Jan-2021
  • 25-Jan-2021

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Checking DB user privs


Checking DB user privs


//System privileges for a user:
SELECT PRIVILEGE FROM sys.dba_sys_privs WHERE grantee = 'LCREP' UNION SELECT PRIVILEGE FROM dba_role_privs rp JOIN role_sys_privs rsp ON (rp.granted_role = rsp.role) WHERE rp.grantee = 'LCREP' ORDER BY 1;
//Direct grants to tables/views:
SELECT owner, table_name, select_priv, insert_priv, delete_priv, update_priv, references_priv, alter_priv, index_priv FROM table_privileges WHERE grantee = 'LCREP' ORDER BY owner, table_name;

//Indirect grants to tables/views:
SELECT DISTINCT owner, table_name, PRIVILEGE FROM dba_role_privs rp JOIN role_tab_privs rtp ON (rp.granted_role = rtp.role) WHERE rp.grantee = 'LCREP' ORDER BY owner, table_name;