Space image name error

  • KM03773159
  • 25-Jan-2021
  • 08-Jun-2021


Attaching an image in a kmdocument with an space in the name file will be wrongly shown


Images that contains spaces in file name are not shown when viewing a Knowledge Document.
Spaces in the url for the image are replaces with + instead of %20


Problem is related to IIS. Tomcat will handle + signs in urls fine. IIS won’t.
IIS7 has introduced new URL filtering rules for security reasons. So '+' sign is blocked by default as part of security reason in URL.
In the following URL you can see more about this IIS issue:



To resolve this issue you have to set allowDoubleEscaping="true" in web.config files. Here is the tag to do that.
<requestFiltering allowDoubleEscaping="true">