How to Check the UCMDB Integration Service Status

  • KM03770274
  • 31-Dec-2020
  • 31-Dec-2020


This procedure shows how to check the UCMDB Integration Service Status in Universal CMDB 2020.08


If your remote managed data repositories are accessible from the UCMDB server machine, you can use the UCMDB Integration Service for non-Jython-based integrations instead of a Data Flow Probe.



Note The UCMDB Integration Service is supported in a standalone UCMDB environment only.

To ensure that the service is running:

  1. Check the status on the UCMDB Server machine:

    Windows Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services
    Linux /opt/UCMDB/UCMDBServer/integrations/bin/ status
  2. If the service is not running:

    1. Check if there is a Data Flow Probe installed and running on the UCMDB Server machine. If so, you must first stop the Data Flow Probe before you can start the UCMDB Integration Service.

      To stop the Data Flow Probe:

      Windows Select Start > All Programs > UCMDB > Stop Data Flow Probe
      Linux Enter the following command: /opt/UCMDB/DataFlowProbe/bin/ stop
    2. Start the UCMDB Integration Service:


      Use one of the following:

      • Select Start > All Programs > UCMDB > Start Universal CMDB Integration Service
      • Select Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services, and start the UCMDB Integration Service
      Linux Enter the following command:

      /opt/UCMDB/UCMDBServer/integrations/bin/ start