Java Class not found error in report prompt

  • KM03770169
  • 30-Dec-2020
  • 30-Dec-2020

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The below error appears in the report: The following database error occurred: (CS) "Java Class not found in classpath: com.vertica.jdbc.Driver". For information about this error, please refer to SAP Knowledge Base Article 2054721 on the SAP Support Portal. (IES 10901)


Sometimes the vertica.sbo file is overwritten after the upgrade, so we need to make sure it has the following rows:
<DataBase Active="Yes" Name="HP Vertica 6.1">
<Parameter Name="JDBC Class">com.vertica.jdbc.Driver</Parameter>
<Parameter Name="URL Format">jdbc:vertica://$DATASOURCE$/$DATABASE___FCKpd___8lt;/Parameter>
<Parameter Name="Driver Capabilities">Query</Parameter>
<Parameter Name="Extensions">vertica,jdbc</Parameter>