How to write dvd select queries.

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  • 29-Dec-2020
  • 08-Jun-2021


dvd means Dynamic View Dependencies, This topic will show all the method to use this function and all the oob exist examples.


Syntax select(return_field, file_name, select_field, select_field_value, select_field_2, select_field_value_2)
Descption of online help:
This function works against many records to grab a scalar value from each one to make a list.
You can use it to select just one record and use an array from within that record (for example, the cap.exec array field of the operator table) to make a display list.
This function returns the value of a field (return_filed) of a record that is from a table (file_name) and has a field (select_field) value equal to a specified value (select_field_value).
The select_field_value can be a variable or a wildcard character (an asterisk). Both select_field_2 and select_field_value_2 are optional.




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• select( "cap.exec", "operator", "name", [$operator] )
   search in operator table with query: name=$operator, and return the vaule of operator`s cap.exec field value.
• select( "", "servicecontract", "provider", [customer] )
   search in servicecontract table with query: provider=customer in $L.file
• select( "", "devtype","active" ,true )
   search in devtpe table with query: active=true
• select( "name", "assignment", "name", "*" )
   show all the assignment table record's name value.
• select("name","dbdict",true,true)
   show all dbdict recors
• Complex query:select("company","company","","[]","","N")
   select and"N" from company table, then show record's company field value.
All the OOB DVD select expressions: